The future of work is remote, even for officials

There’s no denying that 2020 has changed many aspects of life for good – it has shown that certain procedures had already become hopelessly obsolete by the time COVID-19 hit the world. Flexibility, location-independence and paperless will be the keywords for a long time to come and we must keep up with the status quo regardless of sector or institution.

Is remote lawmaking even possible?

In many countries certain governance procedures were paused by the pandemic. It is mainly because of a fundamental flaw in the process design – they are created with the assumption that they must take place at the office. For example, how do law-makers create new legislation in your country? What would happen if they weren’t able to come into the office for 6 months – would that put creating any new legislation on hold?

There have been cases globally, when judges have had to convene to vote in person even during the pandemic. No doubt, countries that have had to face either holding or postponing elections in 2020, also face an unprecedented challenge.

Meanwhile, in Estonia, thanks to effective digital tools, the average time for civil court proceedings has fallen from 156 days to 99 days, government decisions are made in the e-cabinet in 30 minutes instead of 5 hours, and the best part – it’s paperless and location independent.

Net Group has worked closely with the Estonian government in building various e-services. Estonia is widely known as the most digital society in the world – 99 % of public sector services are available online, that’s a fact. This gives us a unique standing point in designing effective digital tools for governments and municipalities around the world.

Location independent toolbox

Net Group has created Effocracy. It’s a digital tool for legislative drafting in Cabinets, Parliaments and ministries and municipalities to speed up the decision-making process. Thanks to Effocracy, important decisions can be safely made remotely.

In the UK there was a 90-minute long queue to cast a single vote in Westminster. Meanwhile in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, all official city work was securely moved online in three weeks, thanks to Net Group’s solution. City Legal Director Priit Lello says: Net Group’s solution has automated and streamlined our decision-making. This has allowed our officials and politicians to concentrate on the core meaning of drafting laws and has left bureaucracy and administrative work for the computer. Net Group not only delivered a top notch IT solution, but helped redesign some key processes, enabling us to work and vote remotely.

With the text editor a number of users can collaborate at the same time – it updates in real time and all changes made will be on record. This means that workflows are streamlined and easy to manage, publishing drafts is quick and remote, and there’s absolutely no need to physically show up to comment on draft legislation. All administrative work and bureaucracy can be simply handled via the computer.

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