Effocracy: effective decision-making in the new reality

Public sector officials and lawmakers often face the reality that the tools they must work with are not innovative, lack in the user experience design area, and struggle with efficiency. This can be down to many reasons from prioritising information security above other features to just not having enough in-house expertise to build this type of products. All very valid reasons, but what if Net Group would step in to lend a helping hand?

Effocracy is the way forward

We’ve built Effocracy to specifically address the needs of decision-makers like Parliament or Cabinet members, local municipalities and other decision-making bodies. It’s user friendly and designed for a comfortable workflow management. It’s secure and can be adapted to the highest level of information security requirements, regardless of organisation. By the way, officials at the city of Tallinn have been working and voting remotely using our Effocracy already for more than a year.

Collaborative environment 

A number of users can collaborate on the same document draft at the same time – all changes are recorded and can be attributed as well. This way we make sure that no important information falls through the cracks, which is highly possible, for example, when many people exchange different versions of the same document via email or various document editors. This way the single source of truth is always protected.

All comments, changes or feedback happen in real time. To ensure a high level of professionalism, the text editor makes it easy to use pre-validated templates. It also flags down any errors and gives automatic suggestions for grammar.

Transparency and higher efficiency

All workflows and chains of delegation are visible in the system, leading to higher transparency. It also gives flexibility to create both standardised and custom workflows. Processes are efficiently  streamlined: if someone in the chain cannot participate, the matter will be automatically forwarded to the next person in the chain for approval. No need to be waiting for an out-of-office email reply.

No room for errors in the system

An automated system like Effocracy will also help reduce any human errors – very important if we consider the weight of any new legislation or act passed on the highest level. For example, Effocracy  allows versioning of acts to be created on the go, making it easy to detect and avoid contradictions between new legislation and existing ones. It can also suggest existing legislation on similar topics for comparison. It’s also possible to add PDF documents into the text editor, for use as building blocks for new drafts.

As mentioned above, we’ve been working closely with many public sector partners, one of which is the city of Tallinn. Mr Priit Lello, Head of the City Office has kindly commented on the  collaboration with Net Group: “I believe we have created a solution in partnership that cuts no corners when it comes to following the law, and that supports a functioning democracy.” Read Tallinn City success story here.

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