Compliance can be easy

Depowise is a product developed by Net Group. We have almost 20 years of experience helping the financial industry with various IT solutions and our goal is to boost efficiency through excellent software solutions.

Depowise is a smart end-to-end RegTech software platform for the investment industry. Our goal is to provide you a high-quality FinTech solution that helps you cope with the legislative burden, increasing scalability and operational efficiency while reducing the risks on oversight.


Depowise is built on a central data warehouse that stores all your business-critical information safely. Depowise:

  • is flexible for integrations,
  • helps you scale your business quickly
  • gives you the freedom to select and change counterparties.

Depowise standardizes, simplifies and automates oversight processes that reduce your risk and increase operational efficiency. It supports you in net asset value reconciliation, investment compliance and reporting. Depowise provides you with auditor-required step-by-step evidential logs, giving peace of mind for you, your partners and Financial Inspection.

We have helped multiple European Union banks and depositaries with our software to achieve rapid compliance with a law & higher automation

Feel free to request a demo to see the benefits of Depowise with your own eyes!

Got more questions? Send us an e-mail at and we will gladly provide answers.

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