Key challenges

Distance learning is inevitable!

Distance learning is one of the key aspects to provide flexible, easy to access and yet abundant education for all students.

It is not just technology!

Education is all about people. Students, teachers, parents, content providers and policymakers need to be involved with transition.

Teachers need better tools

Often overloaded with administrative work, teachers need tools that create more time for teaching.

Students are individuals

Individual learning paths can enhance student’s performance but teachers do not have enough time to work with every student individually.

What about the future?

In order to plan ahead, policymakers are in dire need of fresh education data.

Net group response

A mix of tech and consultancy

Net Group provided the Ministry of Education and Research with consultation, business analysis, solution development, quality control and long term strategy.

Value gained

Lighter school bags

Children no longer need to carry heavy textbooks and other materials.

Remote learning options

Teachers, parents and students have all the tools for smooth distance learning.

Better education

Enhanced access and self-educating possibilities for students.

Bird’s eye view

Better overview and data for policy makers.

More feedback

Teachers can now assess the progress of individual learning of each student.

Client Reference

Pioneers of digital education

From cooperation with Net Group a solution was born, which is now one of the most pioneering systems in the world of digital education.

Kristel Haiba-Rillo
Deputy Head of E-services
Department of Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia