Gather & construe your business-critical data to stay ahead of the competition. Our experience shows that with the help of data warehouses, data wrangling, BI, Machine learning & AI we MAKE businessES MORE EFFECTIVE AND SUCCESSFUL IN THEIR DAILY OPERATIONS. CUTTING-EDGE SOLUTIONS WILL DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS growTH, givING peace of mind to the stakeholders.

Full guidance in business intelligence
for stellar results

For us, it all starts with understanding your business. The key is to translate your business into data. How do you define your KPI-s, know what is performing great or what is slowing you down, what are the total costs and how your business is affected by your decisions etc? Also, where can you add autonomous decision making (AI) to your business in a truly effective way. All that can be done in much more detail and in a cost-effective way nowadays. Understanding ROI and being able to measure results are the cornerstones of successful Data Science projects. Our goal is to execute projects that are truly useful for our clients.

To make data useful for your business you must first „put your data house in order“. Net Group has been taking care of clients' data sets for more than 20 years. We have expert knowledge in business intelligence: building data warehouses, gathering together data from different sources and giving it a meaning. Gathering quality data and understanding data is the most expensive and time-consuming part of all machine learning and AI projects. Data wrangling and feature engineering takes more than 80% of the time in these kinds of projects.

Besides delivering all the data you need for your business through self-service BI solutions, we build machine learning models and AI solutions. We thrive to be your partner from automating processes and predictions to chatbots and machine vision. Though building machine learning models ourselves, we don’t shy away from using our world-class partners in specific AI domains when needed. The real difficulty of AI is understanding what kind of solution suits your needs the best and how to implement it in your organization. Choosing the right solution starts with understanding your problem. In Net Group we are focused on finding the true accelerator for your business that best solves the challenges. We dare to tell you when you don’t need AI - it is not always the wisest choice.

Implementing new gutting edge business intelligence and AI solutions are thrived by improving efficiency and accelerating revenue growth. We help You with the complete partnership, from data-driven strategy to solutions implementation, that is built on your KPIs while enhancing Your true business goals. This allows you to focus on your core business challenges, staying always ahead of the competition. Smart automation and AI technologies help you to be more effective while also helping you to generate more revenue with higher profitability.

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