INTERVIEW: Government Chatbot #krattAI

National Digital Advisor of Estonian Government Marten Kaevats and Head of eGovernment Solutions at Net Group Martin Karner are having a discussion on the topics of Estonia’s Digital Nation developments. The key topic is KrattAI, which is a long-run project, where Estonia is already implementing artificial intelligence in different systems and solutions offered by Estonian Government.

One of the key pillars which will work as the initial gateway is the shared Governmental Chatbot, being developed by Net Group. Hopefully, you have had a chance to already read THIS news, where Net Group handed over the first phase and a primary cornerstone of the chatbot for the KRATT#AI. This is an open-source software which all the Governmental Agencies can adapt and these chatbots will communicate with each other. Powered up with Estonian x-Road, this AI-powered tool can soon communicate with citizens via Alexa or Siri or whatever smart assistant, providing them info and personal notifications.

There are so many mind-blowing concepts and user stories. Grab your coffee, and watch the interview by yourself.


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