Digital education solutions help Estonia to become #1 in PISA rankings in EUROPE

According to the 2018 PISA tests results, Estonia is among the TOP countries globally and the absolute best in Europe – also ranked #1 by all of the OECD countries. Estonia is number one in EU in all three domains of assessment: in reading, mathematics and science.

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Mailis Reps, the Minister of Education and Research of Estonia says: “Our consistently excellent PISA results show that we have made the right choices in our education policy in this fast-changing world. I am glad that Estonia is increasingly known and recognised as an education nation.”

Digitised schools ease the life of Estonian students and provide them with important future skills. A lot of key efforts to the digital transformation of teaching has led to extensive use of different possibilities offered by modern technology for the students in classrooms and for individual learning. In addition to teaching knowledge and skills in the digital ­field, Estonian education widely uses numerous smart solutions: digital databases, digital textbooks, e-learning materials, digital class diary, digital assessments, not to mention various applications and programs.

Various e-solutions ultimately make students’ schoolbags lighter, helping carry knowledge instead of a heavy schoolbag, improving posture, and making learning smarter. Like the BBC says, that electronically accessible books help a lot with a wide knowledge that one can use for homework. The Estonian school is mostly in the cloud; however, alongside digitisation, books and traditional activities are valued.

Thanks to the excellent results in PISA, Estonia has become an education expert in the world, says minister Mailis Reps. “I am glad that we have proven ourselves to the world in three of the most important domains. By learning from other countries, we have been able to shape our unique path that has made us a top performer. We have become from students to teachers. Now it is our turn to share our expertise and know-how,” said Reps.

Net Group congratulates its good partner Ministry of Education for all of its efforts that have led to remarkable accomplishments and we’re truly happy to play a part in this success story.

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