Data Science in Net Group

In the next 4 minutes, we are going to explain how we here in Net Group, can help you to build your business stronger and more sustainable through Data Science. Having over 20 years of high-level experience in building IT-systems, we aim to take a step forward and want to become also your business development partner. Data Science is one of the ways we can benefit your business.

Data Science

For us, it all starts with understanding your business and helping you understand your business even better. Lending from Rafal Lukawiecki from Project Botticelli, who has defined from his experience what customers want most from Data Science:

  • Discover the reason behind the success, failure
  • Understand customers, products, patterns
  • Accurately plan future
  • Experiment before making decisions
  • Experiment with autonomous decision making (AI)

The key is translating your business into data. How do you define your KPI-s, how do you know you are doing great, what was the reason for failure, what is the cost and how does this process affect your business, etc. That can be done in much more detail nowadays and in a cost-effective way. We only want to make projects that are useful for a client, understanding ROI and being able to measure results are the cornerstones of Data Science projects. Though we should also always consider marketing, educational and other effects of cool AI projects and take a long view on ROI.

To make data useful for your business you must first „put your data house in order“. Net Group has been taking care of your data for more than 20 years. We have expert knowledge of building data warehouses, gathering together data from different sources and giving it a meaning. Gathering quality data and understanding data is the most expensive and time-consuming part of all machine learning and AI projects. Data wrangling and feature engineering take more than 80 % of the time in these projects.

Although AI gets most attention nowadays, it can be illustrated with one picture the importance of data-driven mindset and taking good care of your data:

Data Science

As you can see AI sits at a very top of the pyramid, being only a small part of a whole Data Science ecosystem. Being data-driven and taking care of your data is the foundation of AI projects. As AI being something you cannot ignore already or in the near future, you should implement a data-driven mindset and organize your data gathering and collection now, even if you don’t have specific AI projects planned in the near future.

In Net Group we are using Microsoft Power BI as our business intelligence platform. Power BI is really easy to use a self-service BI tool to publish, share and analyze all the important data you need. We have great knowledge in gathering all the data from different sources and bringing it together for you to start using it. Power BI is a self-service tool, meaning after we have done the ETL, built data warehouse and made it available for you in Power BI, you can easily start using it independently to explore, analyze and visualize all the data you have.

Having a good understanding of your business through quality data we can go on to the coolest part of Data Science, building machine learning models and AI solutions. We thrive to be your partner from automating processes and predictions to chatbots and machine vision. Though being able to build machine learning models we don’t shy away from using our world-class partners in specific AI domains when needed. The real difficulty of AI is understanding what kind of solution suits your needs and how to implement it in your organization. Choosing the right solution starts with understanding your problem.

In Net Group we are focused on finding the best solutions to your problems. We dare to tell when you really don’t need AI or other services from us. Besides understanding your problem, you must know what data you have, how exactly the model works (probability!), how to change other processes around AI, are your employees ready to work with AI and so on. Another often prohibitive step of AI solutions is integrating it into other IT-systems and optimizing it (speed, computing power and so on). We are focused on building effective and applicable solutions that can be easily put into use. In the end, it comes down to two things:

  1.   How do measure the performance of the solution?
  2.   What is the cost (investment + running costs) and what are the gains of the solution?
Don’t be afraid to take an adventure and dive into Data Science. Be ready for changes, experiments, and real innovations.

We are more than welcome to hear about your ideas, problems, wishes. Building business changing solutions is something we thrive to do. Contact us by e-mail at

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