Net Group opened its first subsidiary outside of Europe

Net Group established its first subsidiary outside Europe – Net Group Tanzania. The aim is to increase our contribution to Tanzania’s digital revolution in both the public and private sectors. Permanent representation of the Net Group on-site, which today employs three experts, helps to pursue our goal.

Collaboration with the Tanzanian judiciary, which began in 2018, is reaching its first milestone, where analysis and preparatory work has been done to create a digital platform for the judiciary in Tanzania. As a result, the functioning of the national legal system will become more efficient and transparent. Tanzania has a population of 60 million and has about 1,200 judicial authorities, which is more than 50 times the amount of Estonia.

According to Priit Kongo, CEO of Net Group, setting up a subsidiary is a logical addition of several years of learning about the Tanzanian market. According to him, the cooperation with the Tanzanian judiciary has shown that, by making substantial contributions, we are very competitive in developing major public and private infrastructure projects in countries with the size of Tanzania. Moreover, there is an additional interest in the Net Group skills in the banking and telecom sectors in Africa continent.
”Net Group wants to contribute to the rapid development of African countries and by opening a subsidiary we are demonstrating our willingness and seriousness to do business on this continent,” said Priit Kongo. ”While today we are more active on the East Coast, we are already looking around and engaging with some countries in West Africa,” he added.

Net Group’s ambition is to bring the experience of digitalizing Estonia’s justice sector to emerging countries around the world and to modernize the justice systems of these countries, which strengthens democracy, creates a better living environment for people and encourages investors to invest in them.