When it comes to hacking, usually the first thing that comes in mind is to hack innovative solutions and start-up landscapes. There are approximately 500 start-ups in Estonia, which recruit hundreds of new employees each year. Where else can you find the cool vibe, the cool work environment and the challenges that require hacking? In reality, the picture is not as monochrome, and many successful IT companies are using hackathon-style approaches.

Throughout the ages, one of the Net Group’s core principles has been: ”We don’t do what you order, we do what you need.” This is the basis for getting to know the customer’s business and then offering the right and most beneficial solution to them. The main goal is always that every solution created contributes to the strategic business goals set by the partner. Net Group has been repeatedly recognized by its expertise of getting to know a customer’s business and hacking its challenges which lead to a quick POC (proof-of-concept), to show the real value of the solution already in the initial phase of development. While hackers aim to create a 48-hour MVP (minimum viable product) then creating a fast POC ensures that the customer’s investment is focused from the first day forward and allows critical changes to be made early in the project.

Net Group’s hacking mindset has brought us the title of Äripäev’s “Gazelle Company 2017”, which is distributed to companies that increase their turnover and profits by 50% in three years. While in 2017 the company had a turnover of 5.5 million euros, then this year the corporation is already targeting 10 million euros. This growth is supported by strong expansion across the EMEA region with the help of subsidiaries both in Finland and far away in Tanzania. Also, Net Group has caught on with the rapid growth in staff – today, with its subsidiaries, there are over 120 heroes forming the heart of the company and helping it to breathe in an agile and innovative rhythm.

You may expect that there are strict rules and codes of conduct to achieve such an outcome, but in practice, warmth and caring have always been the top values of the company, from its people and customers to the whole world around us. A wide clientele and a variety of business lines offer our people a fresh breath and a wide choice to operate in FinTech, e-commerce, e-government, and custom solutions.