Net Group was awarded a Contract with the Judiciary of Tanzania to modernize the delivery of citizen-centric eJudiciary services in the country

Net Group has signed a contract with the Judiciary of Tanzania to advise on design, implementation and acquisition of contemporary eJudiciary solutions for the Judiciary of Tanzania.

Starting from January 2019, Estonian based ICT consultation company Net Group will work with the Judiciary team to improve existing and define new services for the Tanzanian Justice sector. The project entails assessment on existing situation, feasibility for the new eJudiciary services, definition of an implementation plan and support the project going forward. The goal of the digitalisation of the Judiciary is to provide more citizen-centric and trustworthy services, thereby increasing the quality and efficiency of delivery of Rule of Law in the country.

According to Net Group’s CEO Mr. Priit Kongo, the contract has significant meaning for Net Group and Tanzania. “Tanzania is a rapidly developing large country in East Africa, where we see great opportunity to share our Estonian world-wide known e-Governance experiences and help the country become globally more competitive,” he said.

According to Net Group’s EMEA area manager Lembit Loo, the project is a welcome challenge because the structure of the Tanzanian courts is vastly different from Estonian courts. “There are over 1000 judicial institutions that will be positively influenced by future digitization.”


It is Net Group’s ambition to bring the Estonian experience of court digitization to whole East African region to transform their justice systems into modern ones. This will strengthen democracy, create better living environment for the citizens and encourage investors to invest in these countries.

Net Group has been involved in the development and implementation of digital justice systems in different countries for more than 15 years. Among others there are Estonian Court Information System, the Iraqi Kurdistan Courts Information System and International Criminal Court in Netherlands.



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