A brick and mortar company becomes a digital hero

See how you can jump late in the digital game and win.

The challenge:

With an annual turnover of 80 million euros, Ehituse ABC belongs to the Saint-Gobain group, which is one of the 100 most successful companies in the world. But their competitors using e-commerce channels were becoming a serious threat.

Ehituse ABC

Key challenging issues

  • No online channels for B2b or b2c sales

    Although business in the physical stores was growing fast, the competitors selling their products online seemed to be catching up.

  • Decoupled infromation systems

    The system for collecting, storing and sharing product information was not linked.

  • Efficiency problems

    Minimising manual work created new oportunities for making work processes more effective.

  • bring the map out

    The company was looking for a strategic partner to help set smart goals and a clear roadmap for creating new sales channels.

Net Group response to the challenge

Full-package digital solution

Thanks to the fully functioning digital channel and modern online shop created by Net Group, Ehituse ABC is now reaching potentially 200 000 new customers with just a fraction of what an additional physical store would cost and possibility to sell outside Estonia.

Value gained

  • everything in one place

    With the new Product Information Management System, every aspect of product information is found in one place and all of this in real time.

  • You can never save too much time

    Time saved and errors reduced regarding product management activities are priceless. Standardisation of information and automation of processes made things faster, and increased quality at the same time.

  • Image boost

    Modern and attractive online shop resulted in greater visibility and image boost for the company. Competitors who seemed to be ahead before, were left to sit behind the front benches.

  • 100 000 nerve cells

    Skyrocketing sales in both B2B and B2C are now good news for Ehituse ABC’s purchasing department, whose product management activities have never been so clearly defined.

by the client

True partnership

Working with Net Group is like enjoying a glass of quality wine. At first you think, is it worth the price, but after the first sip you understand the rightness of your decision…

Raul KadaruTrade and Marketing Director
of Ehituse ABC