Upgrade your court system, fast

Net Group digitised the system and made the court proceedings run three times faster.

The challenge:

In Kurdistan, Iraq, the wheels of justice were turning just too slow as queues were long and paper stacks high.

Slemani Governorate in Kurdistan, Iraq

Key challenging issues

  • Slow proceedings

    Manual work overload caused significant delays in courts.

  • Long submission time

    Long case submission times did not satisfy the participants.

  • disarrangement of the cases

    Allocation of cases to judges was not optimal.

  • Physical risks

    Physical elements in archives were in risk of damage.

Net Group response to the challenge

Full digitization

Net Group created an electronic information system to support all the major court processes.

Users of the system can manage judge schedules, register different documents, export court rulings and much more.

Value gained

  • Less waiting time

    The internal court processes are now running 3 times faster, while the case submission is 5 times faster.

  • User-friendly system

    Users can manage judge schedules, register documents, export court rulings and much more.

  • Avoid future overload

    the system can predict workload issues and therefore these can be avoided.

  • Secure data

    Data is stored electronically and securely.

by the client

Rocketing entrepreneurship with transparency

The number of small businesses went up 150 % after transparent contract enforcement implemented.

Alan AwilkadirMember of the Project
Steering Group