Could you change tires while driving?

The challenge:

With turnover of 400 million euros, Telia is the leading telecom company in Estonia. While expanding into more services, the company needed to maintain cutting-edge customer experience across all channels.

Telia Estonia

Key challenging issues

  • Customer happiness at risk

    Although current levels of satisfaction were high, user experience across the expanding service ecosystem was growing inconsistently.

  • Growing competition

    The market was changing rapidly and competition was actively looking for ways to challenge Telia’s leading position.

  • Where is the premium?

    While the telecommunication prices lowered over time, it was essential to sell more high-value services in Estonia

  • Physical does not cut it

    In order to stay ahead of competition, Telia needed to reduce manual labour and the number of physical stores

Net Group response to the challenge

State of art sales channel

Telia together with Net Group created a state of the art digital sales channel with efficient back office systems.

Value gained

  • Seamless digital experience

    Up to 30% of all retail sales takes place in the new digital channel.

  • Less manpower needed

    75% of all orders are handled automatically.

  • Happy customers

    Consistent customer satisfaction rate throughout all updates.

  • Lowered risks

    Less technical risks compared to legacy systems.

by the client

Achieve real business goals

Net Group has given us good insight on how to develop projects in a way that brings advantages in real business

Jane JalastoTelia Estonia e-Channel
Business Manager