Throwback to 2019

2019 was undoubtedly a very memorable year. The 20th anniversary year brought us several internationally fierce and responsible projects. For example, we are responsible for moving and managing € 200+ billion euros or providing 55 million people with convenient daily access to public services. Not bad, right? Also, great work, commitment and self-development throughout the year by our employees, gave us the opportunity to open new business area – Data Science, and as they say “hard work pays off”  we increased Net Group’s turnover to nearly 9 million euros.

Even greater and powerful ambitions will come true thanks to a re-branding project completed last year. Net Group got new CVI – new colors, new logo, new web, new breathing. Let the digital transformation begin – FROM DIGITAL TO STELLAR!

We invested heavily in knowledge and organized 3 seminars for our customers and partners, 2 of them took place in Estonia and 1 recently in Finland. We went to 4 professional foreign conferences and successfully participated in several hackathons. And the stamp of doing the right thing at the right time was also a victory of the data visualization hackathon.

We expanded extensively – Net Group Nordic got a new office in Helsinki and new challenges in Africa laid the foundations for setting up a subsidiary in Tanzania. Our team increased by 25 new Net Group Heroes, 8 of them came from our Summer University project. Summer University is a program for students that broadens their horizons in IT, the best aspirants have the opportunity to stay in practice after the program, and history has shown that most of them will stay with us for a long time.

In addition to hard work, there was a lot of entertainment from 2019. In the 20th anniversary of the Net Group, the world’s first Net Group diving club was created, in April they already went to the Red Sea to test their skills. Also, we went on a bike tour with our team, our own football team took part in an IT soccer tournament, we held awesome winter and summer days and of course celebrated our big birthday with a decent party.

And just so you know, we ate 174 pizzas last year :)

Thanks 2019 and 2020 – BRING IT ON!