Net Group is the first and the only nopCommerce partner in Estonia & Finland.

Net Group is the first and the only nopCommerce partner in Estonia & Finland. nopCommerce is a platform that enables you to create B2C and B2B digital sales environments. It is used by more than 50,000 companies worldwide in more than 30 countries.

nopCommerce is a transparent and well-structured solution, which combines the best features of open-source and commercial software. The platform has everything you need to get started and grow your eCommerce business.

The platform is used by popular brands such as Volvo, Puma, Reebok, DHC skincare, Columbia and many more. nopCommerce is a powerful and rising alternative to other platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Episerver, and others.


⇒ it is powerful
⇒ safe & secure
⇒ cost-effective
⇒ fast implementation
⇒ easily scalable
⇒ supports millions of products and hundreds of concurrent visitors
⇒ easy to use for developers and designers.


Since we are living in the era of smartphones, an online store must have a good user experience on any device, so your customers can buy goods on the go, anytime. Happily, nopCommerce offers clear design for both, the front-end and admin area, which means ease of managing your store and higher purchase volume from returning customers.

nopCommerce vs Magento

Both nopCommerce and Magento are full of features and offer basic store functions such as product and catalog management, SEO features, inbuilt analytics and also multi-store and multi-vendor features. They have many different payment and shipping integrations available out of the box.

Magento has been longer on the eCommerce market and this is the main reason why it has more users at the moment. However, nopCommerce is a fast-growing solution with a rising number of users, which is a smart pick for your e-commerce platform, whether you are a newcomer or looking for a change. The platform is supported by solid building blocks from Microsoft (.NET Core) and therefore gives you the assurance of performance and security, which are paramount for any online vendor nowadays.

So, if you are looking for a platform for your e-shop or an existing one does not fulfill your needs or goals, then contact us! We help you to establish profitable eCommerce businesses, with effective back-office processes and growth in revenue.