Net Group developed the cornerstone for Estonian governmental chatbot network

Net Group handed over to the Information System Authority (RIA) and the Police and Border Guard Board a state pilot project of a chatbot, which in the future will offer citizens the opportunity to communicate with state agencies through one channel. It is a new freeware solution where chatbots can communicate with each other and direct people to the desired information.

At yesterday’s #KrattAI information day organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the developments of the AI project were introduced. A special highlight was given to the solution of the chatbot created by Net Group, which is the basis of the future national #KrattAI system, which offers citizens a convenient way to communicate with the state. It is an innovative solution where the chatbots of state institutions form a network where they communicate with each other in the background and offer citizens 24/7 answers and, in the future, also services.

In public offices today, it often happens that a citizen turns to the wrong institution with his or her concerns. As a result, the citizen does not get a solution in the first contact, handling of the situation is delayed, and people are not satisfied with public services. On both sides, this involves a high cost of time and money in the form of repeated approaches to customer service.

Net Group created a chatbot working as part of a pilot project, which can automatically answer questions in the customer’s chat window and redirect conversations from one institution to another. Economic and reputational victory and the benefits of smarter work manifest through a number of factors. First, each agency can direct its customer service staff to do more substantive work with a higher added value.

Secondly, the solution is supported by the fact that it is a freeware solution, which allows public authorities to save between €600,000 and € 1.2 million per year in license fees, and also provides reputational benefits to the authority/state if it can respond quickly to citizens’ questions. Undoubtedly, this is also a globally innovative approach to public services, where Estonia, valued as a digital country, can once again prove its innovativeness.

Satisfied contracting authorities RIA, PBGB, and MEC, received the Working chatbot solution in just a few months. Many Estonian and Finnish government agencies have expressed their interest in the solution. Several state agencies have also expressed a desire to implement the completed solution quickly. Net Group, together with its partners, will be happy to help those interested in implementing the solution. This requires a good enterprise from the heads of the institution and customer service, as well as a little start-up capital – in just a few months, it will be possible for customer service representatives to train the chatbot instead of answering boring questions.


To present the developments of the #KrattAI project, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications organized a #KrattAI information day on Monday, 07.12, also featuring Net Group!


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