Innovation of digital society lies in the export of processes

Not a fairy tale

“Estonian digital society and the tiger’s leap” is not just a beautiful fairy tale to tell foreign partners. There are several real functioning systems and innovative examples of these in our small republic.

Time does not stop however, and new software solutions alone are not enough. The market is moving more and more towards customer-centric service in every sector.

Today’s main export article is change in processes, and software is just one part of it,” explains the CEO and chairman of Net Group’s board, Priit Kongo.

Customers often turn to Net Group’s experts with specific software development needs, but when analyzing needs and desires thoroughly, it turns out that the solution required is something different to what the customer initially thought it would be. And so, something completely innovative is born.


Solutions must create real value

“It is Net Group’s business to find and create a solution with the customer that is technically top-quality and economically creates clear value,” Kongo says.

“Business clients do not expect us to only sell software to them. In fact, responsibility must also be taken for the client’s business goals. The customer does not want to purchase each puzzle piece from a different location, but expects the whole package,” says Kongo.

Things should not be done just for the sake of doing something. Good things come when people cooperate and think together enthusiastically. For this kind of cooperation, however, the partner must be reliable and experienced. “The chosen partner must have real skills and an ability to show results as soon as possible,” he says.


Weaknesses into strengths

The key to this lies in the ability to transform the weaknesses of society into your strengths, in every field. No growing company can avoid process automation, everything is, in some sense, e-business.

“For example with the creation of Net Group’s Depowise software, we see that process-automating solutions are desperately needed,” Kongo says, highlighting an example.

Process automation will allow your company to deal with activities that create more value for your business, rather than simply carry out routine activities. Net Group helps create value in the following business domains – e-commerce; digital justice or the provision of legal rights through digitization; digital utility business; fin-tech or software development in the financial sector; and tailor-made software solutions.

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*The article can be found in the winter number of Nordica in-flight magazine, written by Kadri Eisenschmidt.