Sharing the success story of e-Estonia in East-Africa – Kampala Digitalization Forum

Net Group’s representative Lembit Loo conducted a training session for 150 East African politicians and IT officials during the Kampala Digitalization Forum 2018 on 15th and 16th November. The aim was to bring the listeners up to date with the best e-Estonian practices and share information regarding digitization of courts.

We have experienced that before starting a successful software project, the customer needs to be educated about best practices for digital transformation. Therefore, Net Group’s representative Lembit Loo held a training session for 150 Ugandan, Kenyan and Tanzanian politicians and an IT official.

The forum brought together different stakeholders from East African countries to assess their current state of using digital opportunities. Particular attention was paid to innovation and technological development, regulatory frameworks, and data management.

Varied experience in digitizing courts

Net Group CEO Priit Kongo stated that we aim to help East African countries learn from the success of Estonian digital society. The same success could be shared in African countries, too. “We have long experience in digitizing the legal system, and we want to share it. We have developed the Court Information Systems in Estonia, Iraq and cooperated with International Criminal Court in The Hague, “he said.

Digitization offers great opportunities for African countries and, when used correctly, countries can contribute to the development of their economies and people. Although Africa as a whole is still lagging behind other areas of the world, this continent has the potential for fastest and most radical change. Internet access is increasingly available, mobile networks reach even distant areas, and local innovators encourage technology development. According to the organizers of the forum, optimistic experts call digitization a cornerstone of sustainable economic development and transformation.

The cornerstone of a functioning society

“Developing countries should start the digitization from their legal systems, as it is the cornerstone of a functioning society,” said Lembit Loo, EMEA director of Net Group. In his opinion, political and institutional frameworks must first be developed as they provide the necessary level of regulation, provide incentives for investment, promote competitiveness and ensure the strategies are harmonized in the sector.

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