Cooperation with Eesti Energia: creating and developing the best mobile app

Eesti Energia is a state-owned energy company. They offer energy solutions that include electricity, heat and fuel production, electricity and gas sales, customer service etc. We have had a successful partnership for about 5 years and Net Group has been advancing their e-services.

In 2014, we launched a mobile app together, which allows Eesti Energia’s clients to have constant access to their consumption information, contracts and bills. The customer can use the information to change their consumption patterns and save on expenses.

Eesti Energia was the first to launch this kind of app in the Estonian energy market. At the beginning of 2017, the mobile app received an award for the best mobile service application in the field of environment. Read more about it HERE!

How did we create the world’s best mobile app? And how did we recently renew it to another level? Our team in Net Group and Eesti Energia’s head of e-channels Päärn Brauer will give an overview

Aim of the project

Eesti Energia’s wish to create a mobile app was motivated by various reasons. First and foremost, they wanted to increase consumer awareness on energy consumption and do it in a user-friendly way. In 2014, the remote meter reading became more widely used than submitting meter readings manually by clients themselves.

Secondly, people are very mobile and to address your customers, you need to be where they are. Having a mobile app makes billing and making offers and updates easier.

Simply implementing an app isn’t enough, it needs to stay relevant. Therefore, Net Group and Eesti Energia worked on advancing the app to keep up with time and give users a broader selection of activities on the app.

Overview of what was done

The mobile app was created by a combined team of Net Group’s and Eesti Energia’s experts. The development of technical aspects was done by Net Group and it took 4 months.

When developing the app, the teams divided into front-end and back-end design. Net Group played a key role in encoding the design and developing the app in technical aspects. We also created application screens, worked with service layers and helped with front-end functionalities. The teams worked well together party because both teams have vast experience in front-end and back-end design. This meant that understanding each-other and working towards a shared goal came naturally.

When it comes to renewing the app at the end of last year, the changes in technical aspects were the biggest. Together we renewed the app by 90%. This included adding two new sign-in possibilities and widgets on the home page.

We prolonged the period of consumption history, gave a wider selection of periods and comparison between them. We also added more functionality to the home page of the app.

With the new developments, customers can see the stock prices, billing information and account balance straight from the opening screen. When earlier the app was mainly meant for residential customers of Eesti Energia, then with the new developments, the business customers can also use the app.

Results of the project and renewals

At the end of 2014, the mobile application was launched. At the start of 2017, the app won an award for the best mobile service application in the field of environment. And at the end of 2017, we renewed the app and made it even more user-friendly.

The app is extremely successful. Customers adopted the app with ease and today, it has approximately 20 000 monthly active users. In 2017, the increase of active mobile app users was around 50%.

The renewed logic allows us to change, improve and upgrade the app a lot faster. New developments make using the app more comfortable to the user and they can access a lot more information.

Eesti Energia has gathered customer feedback, which showed that the app has many fans. There are users who use the application daily or weekly.

Earlier the app was platform specific, but now the same code base can be used in countries other than Estonia as well.

Feedback from Eesti Energia´s and Net Group’s team

Both Net Group and Eesti Energia are happy with the project. Päärn Brauer said that they are very content with Net Group’s team, because when things took more time, our team was very understanding. Brauer said:

“Net Group’s team worked with our team until the end and came through with the project with pride.”

Net Group’s team leader Margus also praised the teamwork: “Without great teamwork we wouldn’t have achieved the result we have today. It was an equal contribution from both sides.”


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